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Tensator checks in at new Bristol Airport security area

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Tensator Group has completed a project at Bristol Airport to optimise airport queue management in its recently extended west terminal.

The airport has installed 200 Bristol Airport-branded Tensabarriers® throughout its 10-lane security zone in its new Central Search Area, which has been enlarged to allow passengers sufficient time and space to prepare their belongings ready for screening. In 2015 Bristol Airport handled over 6.7 million passengers flying to 117 direct destinations, across 30 countries – an indication of how important it is to minimise queues and manage passenger flow. 

If you’d like to know more about Tensator airport queue management solutions, click to download our brochure.

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The benefits of improving airport queue management

Bristol Airport recruited the expertise of Tensator to help control airport passenger flow in and out of security, improve customer service and reduce passenger waiting times. Lower levels of congestion create a more attractive and comfortable environment for passengers, minimising the stresses often associated with air travel at busy international hubs.

Phil Holder, head of operations support at Bristol Airport, said:

“Whilst passenger safety and security is of paramount concern, it is particularly important to ensure that the passenger journey remains as efficient as possible. The memories of business travellers and holidaymakers often stem from the experiences of their journey, which begin during the check in and security processes at their departure airport.”

Colin Sherwood, business development manager, airport sector at Tensator, adds:

“The key to a smooth customer journey is to ensure that passengers are efficiently navigated throughout their time in the terminal, from when they get to arrivals to the moment they step onto the aircraft.

“This new Central Search area will minimise confusion and improve wayfinding, speed up processing times and create positive passenger experiences that will stay with them long after their holiday is over.”

For information about Bristol Airport’s Central Search Area, visit their website

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