Tensator delivers for BPost

Virtual Queue Management installation, VQMS in France

A virtual requirement

With such a wide variety of contact points, bpost has a reputation as a robust and reliable postal service provider. Operations are also expanding internationally, with a presence in China and the USA. However, bpost was keen not to lose sight of its core business in Belgium and its commitment to continually improving customer service levels. With this in mind, the company set about searching for a new Virtual Queue Management Solution to improve the experience for the consumer at its busiest branches.

A centralized solution

“Tensator was able to supply a solution that met every initial need for bpost, within the budget requirements, and opened up the potential for even more service level improvements in the future.”

Bpost swiftly launched an international tender process in order to find the best technology provider. Amongst the company’s requirements was the need for the solution to operate from one centralised server and the ability to function in two different languages to cater for the cultural complexity existing in Belgium.

With the proposals submitted, it was clear to the team at bpost that the tender from queue management and customer journey specialist, The Tensator Group, was head and shoulders above the rest.

Tensator was able to supply a solution that met every initial need for bpost, within the budget requirements, and opened up the potential for even more service level improvements in the future.

With initial trials conducted, Tensator set about installing its Inline queue management solution into over 200 of bpost’s largest outlets across Belgium.

Upon entering the store, the customer takes a ticket for the required service from a ticket dispenser, which has been developed to operate in both Dutch and French, depending on the language spoken by the user.

The customer is then free to browse or take a seat whilst waiting for their ticket to be called to the next available service point.

The decision was made early in the process to use 19inch TFT calling displays, as oppose to LED-based displays, in order to offer a greater degree of flexibility and to create a more dynamic and elegant look, in keeping with the bpost brand.

For bpost, the most significant element of the Inline system is its centralized architecture, meaning that it operates from a single server. This effectively links service points at all stores together, allowing management to review performance and efficiency and make changes to individual stores or the entire network as-and-when required.

A continuing relationship

To date, Tensator has installed Inline in over 200 bpost branches, bringing a heightened level of service to postal customers across Belgium.

Tensator continues to offer a robust support and maintenance service to each branch and is working alongside the board at bpost to develop new solutions and technological advancements to support the company’s rapid growth in Belgium and beyond.

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Bpost is the national postal service for Belgium, delivering 12 million letters and 100,000 parcels to over 4.5 million addresses daily.
The service employs more than 32,000 people across its network, which includes 676 post offices and 697 sales outlets. In addition, bpost also has a thriving online service, making its services accessible to customers every hour of every day.
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