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Tensator passes another set of serviceability and safety load testing

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Tensator is pleased to announce that it has passed another set of vigorous serviceability and safety load tests on 889 Advance posts at Heathrow Airport. Tensator’s 60mm, 110mm, 160mm and 180mm socket mounted Tensabarrier® posts are now all certified for BAA use.

The recent tests were carried out by BAA owned Heathrow Airport who conducted extensive testing to establish whether any significant damage would be done to the Tensabarrier® posts, the socket mounts, or the surrounding area, if they were to experience reasonable loadings, such as a child repeatedly swinging on the post and also occasional higher loads, such as an adult putting most of their weight on the post, throughout the lifecycle of the posts. Any damage could cause catastrophic result and as passenger safety is of paramount importance it was essential to conduct vigorous tests to ensure that products installed are of the highest quality, providing a safe environment for passengers and employees alike.

The socket mounted posts were subjected to loads of up to 100kg force which were then released and any possible damage was assessed. On all accounts the posts were found to return to their initial position with no bending or deflection in the post and no breaking around the socket.

Safety is always paramount to Tensator when our products are designed and we are pleased that our socket mounted posts have excelled when put under pressure.

For further information about any of Tensator products contact our specialists on 01908 684600.

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