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Tensator Unveils Industry’s Smallest Footprint, Most Flexible and Cost Effective Virtual Assistant

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Press Release

Virtual Assistant Ultra Enables Exciting In-Store Opportunities in Aisle or End Cap Retail Promotions

MILTON KEYNES, UK and BAY SHORE, NY, 2 April 2013 – Tensator, the world leader in customer journey management, today announced it has unveiled an exciting new addition to its Virtual Assistant portfolio, set to revolutionise in-store promotions for the retail sector.

The Tensator Virtual Assistant Ultra has been designed with retailers specifically in mind and has the smallest footprint available on the global market. At just 50cm x 50cm, it can fit almost anywhere within a store, presenting retailers with endless promotional possibilities, a flexible point of difference to help increase profits and efficiency, and the ability to generate extra revenue by directly influencing consumer behaviour.

Part of the Tensator Virtual Assistant product line, the Ultra edition is a next generation digital signage solution. It uses cutting-edge technology to project an image and create the illusion of a real person to convey a consistent brand message, impart key information and highlight products and promotions. However, retailers now have an additional option able to fit neatly within an aisle or as part of the aisle end caps, meaning it can be placed directly next to the products it is promoting for the first time.

The base unit of the Ultra is made up of interchangeable covers, creating a full surround or three-sided wrap if placed flush against a wall. This makes it ideal for advertising and promotion, and further opens up the opportunity for retailers to rent the product as a promotional tool to brands, creating lucrative additional revenue streams.

Other key features of The Tensator Virtual Assistant Ultra include:

  • Scalable technology incorporating a platform onto which newtechnologies and enhancements can beadded, providing a lower cost of ownership.
  • A solid state-of-the-art digital signage grade networkable media player, allowing the unit to run 24/7, if required.
  • Bose sound with voice-tuned amplification.
  • A lockable wheel-mounted unit, allowing it to be easily moved to other areas of the store.
  • A proximity sensor as standard. Messages are delivered only when there are people within a three-meter proximity of the unit, ensuring sound delivery to the target market.
  • As Ajay Joshi, Head of Media at Tensator, explains, the Virtual Assistant Ultra was created to meet specific needs of retailers:
  • “As a company, we take the role of solution provider very seriously. An essential factor of this is listening to the requirements of our customers, which include some of the world’s most well known retail brands.

“Retailers felt that they needed something smaller, more flexible and at a lower price point for aisle and end cap promotions. Our product development team was able to act accordingly.

“We are proud to have led the industry with our original Virtual Assistant offering. The Tensator Virtual Assistant Ultra leverages our extensive experience with dozens of airports and retailers who rely on Tensator to deliver the highest quality next generation digital signage offering available today. We are delighted to once again be in a market-leading position by creating a product with the smallest footprint available.”

Tensator’s Virtual Assistant range has already proven itself when it comes to influencing consumer behaviour and enhancing the overall customer journey. By literally bringing messages to life and creating a real ‘wow factor’, it is a proven medium to increase sales, drive efficiency and increase dwell time and traffic.

Tensator Virtual Assistant solutions are proven to generate uplift in product sales by an impressive 75 per cent.

As Ajay Joshi adds, the introduction of the Virtual Assistant Ultra is set to take this to the next level:

“With the Ultra able to sit directly next to the product selection, the ability to influence behavioural change and instantly convert to a sale is huge.

“This is set to be a real game changer for the retail sector.”

About Tensator

Tensator is a recognised leader in the management of the customer journey. The company offers a large range of digital media platforms, electronic and virtual queue management, display and signage products, crowd and access control solutions, in-queue merchandising, self-service systems, and the Tensabarrier, one of the most respected barriers in the world.

Tensator empowers blue chip retailers, international airport terminals, transport providers, financial institutions, major exhibition, leisure and entertainment venues, construction sites, restaurants and hotels to speed customer flow through the queue, improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Tensator helps eliminate lost revenues through walk-aways and drives high value impulse sales with its range of queue management solutions.

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