5 things for you to consider when preparing for the busy summer of UK events ahead

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This summer’s Games, the Queens Jubilee and numerous other British events taking place have huge potential to affect your business – you need to plan ahead now to ensure that the impact is a positive one.

Here are Tensator’s top tips:

Staffing levels throughout the summer is going to be incredibly important. With a larger number of visitors expected and an increase in demand for your products or services, it is important that staff travel times, absences and holidays are carefully considered and catered for, along with the inevitable requirement for larger numbers of staff to accommodate the increase in visitor numbers to the Capital.

With millions of additional trips planned to London each day, roads and public transport journeys are likely to be disrupted. Begin planning now for how this will affect all aspects your day-to-day business, and prepare for the knock-on effect on delivery times.

Stock levels
With travel disruptions likely, freight and deliveries will be affected. Stock piling goods to reduce the volume of deliveries or re-arranging delivery times could be one possible solution. With an estimated £2bn of additional spending by visitors to the Games, (source: www.visitbritain.org), stock turnover is likely to increase massively – something you should start planning for now. It could be requiring more tickets for rail cards, more rolls for burgers, or more confectionery items as impulse sales soar! However, it is also essential to manage your stock levels in store – it’s no good having boxes of sweets sat in your store room, if the In-Queue Merchandising system is bare!

Crowd Management
Be proactive and plan how you are going to manage large numbers of passengers or customers entering or passing through your organisation, with an estimated 500,000 visitors in London each day!
Think about positioning of crowd control barriers or fixed queuing systems, queue flow, entry and exits in your queue, and employ clear signage throughout.

Maximise revenues
All the visitors to London this summer means there’s plenty of opportunity to capitalise on the increased revenue potential they’ll bring with them. If you represent bars, restaurants, tourist attractions, retail, travel, hospitality… then you should give consideration to how you can make the most of the influx of visitors this summer. Simple and cost effective measures such as effective crowd control, clear signage, merchandising and electronic call forwarding will not only deliver improved operational efficiencies but also increased revenues for your business.

Plan ahead and you can achieve your goal!

For help and advice on how your business can maximise from the increased numbers of tourists this summer, and to understand how you can reach your potential whilst still maintaining event safety, contact Tensator today on +44 (0) 1908 684600, or fill in our enquiry form.

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