Chain Store Age: Tensator’s David Cohen weighs in on “Three Ways Retailers Can Increase Safety and Sales on Black Friday”

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In the run up to the Holiday Shopping Season, Tensator Group’s Head of Business Development David Cohen shares his tips on “Three Ways Retailers Can Increase Safety and Sales on Black Friday” in his latest expert article in Chain Store Age.

Even with a slight decline this past year, Thanksgiving weekend has upheld its reputation as the most popular shopping weekend of the year. Last year, over 130 million people shopped or planned to shop over the holiday weekend, according to the National Retail Federation. More specifically, a whopping 80 million of those shoppers participated in Black Friday shopping.

The unofficial holiday holds significant benefits for both shoppers and retailers alike. Shoppers have the opportunity to purchase their “must have” items of the season at severely discounted rates, early in the season, while retailers, who have become accustomed to online shoppers, are confronted with a sudden influx of foot traffic at their brick-and-mortar locations.

But, similar to any major event, an influx of sudden foot traffic has the potential to create chaos.  David offers retailers a “Last Minute Reminder” checklist, tips on  Crowd Control and traffic flow.  To read the whole article please click here.



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