Our award for Best Movie Queue goes to…

tensator group

With the Oscars only two days away, we’re outraged that The Academy has decided to shun the award for ‘Best Movie Queue’ for another year.

In true Tensator style, we thought it only seemed fitting to acknowledge some of the greatest movie queuing scenes to hit the silver screen. Here are our favourites:

  • The Full Monty. We can imagine that the line at the job centre can be one of the more arduous waits around. By injecting some music (and a little choreography) the waiting time certainly won’t feel quite as long!
  • Mary Poppins. Even in the most hazardous weather conditions, the etiquette of queuing remains a staple feature of British life. When possible, be sure to create the most comfortable environments for your customers, to keep them returning again and again.
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Anyone else think that the sorting hat was going to declare ‘Slytherin’? A single line queue is the fairest, and often the most effective form of queuing system, so make sure to at least consider this format when putting together the final layout for your space.
  • Beetlejuice. We hope that even in the busiest periods for your store, you don’t have a few million customers waiting in line! A well implemented queue management system helps reduce queue frustration and rage. Waiting never improves the customer experience, so it is important to make the queue as smooth and efficient as possible.

Despite it being unlikely that the queues in your business are going to make it to the cinema, it’s essential that the ‘actors’ in your line do have the best experiences possible.

Planning the layout of a queue should be high priority for management staff in creating an efficient space, minimising waiting times and reducing potential queuing rage.

Our range of queuing solutions has been designed to improve visitor experiences, increase customer retention and ultimately, generate more revenue for your business. Who knows, you could even receive an award for it!

What’s your favourite movie queuing moment? Let us know on Twitter @Tensator

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