Acton Depot Case Study

Improving Visual Safety With Tensator® Inspection Pit Barriers

Falls from height are the most common cause of death and serious injury to people at work and are the cause of nearly 10% of injuries in Motor Vehicle Repair (MVR).

Inspection pits are common within the transportation and automotive industry. “Vehicle Maintenance Pits” fall under the “Working at Height” health and safety regulations. Any workshop which has pits like these must have some form of barrier system to highlight the hazard to anyone walking or working in the area.

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Putting the Wheels into (Loco)motion

The Acton Depot team reached out to the Tensator team, requesting a solution to implement safety barriers around their open vehicle inspection pits. After visiting and surveying the location – including measuring the pits themselves – our team provided layout drawings which included our inspection pit barriers.

Challenge #1: Regulation Compliance

As per working at height regulations, every open pit must be highlighted clearly to pedestrians. Without a sufficient visual safety system in place, companies can find themselves liable.

After consultation, Tensator installed 416 Dual-Line Floor Socket Posts around every open pit where there was a risk of falling from height.

This ensured every hazard was sufficiently highlighted to both staff and visitors.

Printed messaging on webbing cassettes ensures safety messaging is communicated clearly.

Coloured bright yellow, the posts are easy to see by pedestrians.

Fixed directly into the floor surface to reduce footprint and trip hazard risk.

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Challenge #2: Resistant

As they were in an industrial environment, the posts needed to be robust enough to withstand impacts and remain a permanent fixture on site.

They also needed to be adaptable if staff needed to work on specific sections, or if they needed to be moved for any particular reason.

Manufactured from high quality steel, the posts are strong enough to resist impacts.

The removable socket base allows the posts to be removed from the surface by staff.

Retractable barrier technology allows staff to remove specific barriers when required.

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Tensabarrier® 3.65m Inspection Pit Protection Post

The post installed at the Acton Depot is one of our patented Dual Line posts, and was customised to meet the sites requirements.

The additional webbing cassette ensured sufficient safety messaging was available when needed.

The top cassette features yellow webbing printed with “BEWARE OPEN PIT” in black.

The bottom cassette features red webbing printed with “LIVE TESTING IN PROGRESS” in white.

HSE Approved: 955mm High

Customisable Components

Strong & Durable

Clear Webbing Messaging

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Right On Track

By following the proper risk assessment process while ensuring open inspection pits conformed to health and safety regulations, the risk of preventable injuries has been reduced significantly. The posts and barriers were installed before the maintenance depot was in use, making the products a proactive measure in preventing potential harm to staff and visitors.

Alongside the safer working environment and preventing potential litigation and damages, the posts are also a cost-effective investment. Thanks to their high quality, the depot and parent company will save money on future replacement costs.

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