Keeping Pedestrians Safe using Event Barriers At Sporting Events in 2022

Event safety with Tensabarrier

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Significant disruption

The COVID‐19 pandemic has resulted in the most significant disruption to the world’s sporting calendar since the Second World War, with numerous sports events canceled or postponed across the world. 

Rules have now been relaxed

Now, the rules have now been relaxed, with Wales being the last of the UK nations to ease restrictions for matches and the like. 

That means we’re all looking forward to an active calendar of sporting drama and enjoyment, both indoors and outside. This includes venues that have the capacity for larger crowds, which is where Tensabarrier® crowd control Barriers can really come into their own.

Order direct from our site and get free UK delivery on our barriers.

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Event safety is critical

Whatever your activity of choice event safety is critical, especially for events with large audiences and that’s why people choose Tensabarrier® crowd control barriers or crowd barriers to maintain security.

UK sporting & outdoor events in 2022

There are so many to choose from including the London Marathon to the World Snooker Championship in Sheffield’s famous Crucible Theatre, there’ll be something to book and plan for everyone. Rugby’s Six Nations Championship began the first weekend of February, while the UEFA Women’s Euro tournament kicks off this summer, which shows the big-ticket tournament

Stadium, seats, seating

Many of the UK’s top stadiums rely on Tensabarrier

ents and events are back.

You can bet that they will all be using crowd control barriers.

Racing on horseback and cars is back

Horse racing

Horse racing

Meanwhile, racing on horseback and in cars is back at Silverstone, Epsom, Goodwood, Ascot, Aintree, and Cheltenham. And you can find numerous other indoor sports events, such as indoor athletics at Newcastle’s Utilita Arena.

Again most of these will be using barriers to control the spectators and fixture security.


Motor Racing

Motor Racing



Tensabarrier® retractable event barriers can help people feel safer

However, rule relaxing aside, it’s still very important to promote event safety and one way to do that is by maintaining social distancing to minimise contact for both the spectators and the competitors taking part. This also helps those who are at a sporting fixture to actually feel safe and can be achieved with queue barriers or crowd barriers. Many people may not have attended a big fixture at a high‐capacity venue for months – or maybe even years – and understandably may be feeling wary or nervous but queue barriers can help.

There was a range of large crowd fixtures, including international rugby, horse racing at Cheltenham, and a Champions League tie match, which took place just as COVID was kicking in in 2020, and back then no one was thinking about reducing contact.

Crowd management and crowd control barriers

When there are large groups of people, safety can be compromised, so your event safety plan needs to include a way to control spectators, and one way to do that is to have a crowd control barrier or crowd barriers. For example, if there are tickets sold at the door, how will you move people through the gates quickly enough not to cause a bottleneck? One way could be to use queue

Tensabarrier Airport

Tensabarrier Retractable Barrier

barriers or a crowd control barrier for controlling crowds.

We can help

We at Tensator® have the products to help – with our Tensabarrier® range of crowd control solutions and barriers. When you order from our online shop you will get free delivery, for example, is ideal for use at events as crowd control barriers for many reasons including event safety:

Universal Base

The Universal Base has the lowest leading edge on the market, enabling better access for wheelchairs, pushchairs, and suitcases

The Universal Base is powder coated and has the lowest leading edge on the market, enabling better access for wheelchairs, pushchairs, and suitcases making it ideal for queue barriers

  • The barrier or post has an anti-tamper feature that stops people from playing with the crowd control barriers and undoing the queue system and ensures it stays secure.

  • Our post or barrier range is powder coated and the optimum height of the barrier helps prevent queue jumping at events again making the queue more secure.

Other Tensator® products that protect crowds and promote safety

Tensabarrier® Advance Twin Pack, which is only available direct from our online shop.

Tensabarrier® Advance Twin Pack has two barriers and is only available direct from our online store.

We can help you design a bespoke queue management or crowd control system plan based on your particular needs. For an off‐the‐shelf solution, to control pedestrians or pedestrian flow consider one of the following:

Why buy Tensabarrier barriers

  • Our Tensabarrier® Twin Pack features two Advance Black Posts with 3.65 m webbing and is only available on our online shop with free delivery and is ideal for improving pedestrian flows

  • The barrier features two of our universal bases and it’s the safest barrier available, which makes it ideal as an event or as crowd control barriers and for controlling pedestrians.

  • Choose one of our wall-mounted barriers to save space – they are retractable for easy storage when you are not using them, which makes them suitable for almost anywhere plus there’s a magnetic version for easy mess-free installations. They are ideal for controlling access plus orders from our online site get free UK delivery.

  • For an event’s VIP areas our elegant post and rope barriers maximize queuing space and promote safety while creating an upmarket ambiance and can help control pedestrian traffic. This post or barrier range was invented in the US back in 1881

Events with a cafe or restaurant

Cafe Banner Starter Kit

Cafe Banner Starter Kit

Our Café Barrier Banner Starter Kit is easy to install, dismantle and store. The banner is a flexible and cost-effective way to create space and install

Bespoke Cafe Barrier to match your brand

Bespoke Cafe Barrier to match your brand

queue management system with minimal disruption. Or if you are looking for a Cafe Barrier to match your brand our bespoke version is fully customisable. Both are available in stainless steel or chrome. 



Help people enjoy live events safely and with confidence. Talk to or contact us today.


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