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improve customer flow management

6 ways to improve customer flow management

Customer flow management is the practice of effectively overseeing the movement of people around a store, library, hospital, airport or any other customer-facing environment. No matter the industry, in a lot of instances, it’s how queues are dealt with that becomes the issue, rather than the fact we have to queue at all. Bad queuing […]

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profitable queue management system

How to create a profitable queue management system

British retailers are losing out on over £1 billion a year because of long queues at the checkout, according to research by mobile operator EE. An option to reduce queues and in-turn increase revenue is to deploy a profitable queue management system. Customers waiting in a queue are in a unique state as they are […]

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Virtual Assistants

The lines you can’t avoid

No-one enjoys waiting in a line, no matter the reason.  In our daily lives we all, unfortunately, encounter lines that we must participate in and thankfully Tensator® offers solutions to make the experience more comfortable and efficient. Where are queues most commonly found? Tourist Spots –Well known attractions in famous cities encourage countless visitors who […]

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manual call forward queuing

Improving Customer Journey Is Key to Driving High Street Profits

20 April 2012 – With internet sales now estimated to account for 8.5 per cent of all retail sales values (excluding automotive fuel), high street stores must improve the shopper experience to buck the trend of outlets failing. That’s the warning from Tensator, a global leader in queue management technology to enhance the customer journey. […]

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manual call forward queuing

Tensator Supports World’s Largest Charity Hospital Ship

Leading queue management solutions provider, Tensator, has donated access control products to the international charity Mercy Ships which offers free medical care and humanitarian aid to some of the world’s poorest people. Tensator, world leader of queue management solutions, produces a large range of crowd control, access control solutions, in-queue merchandising, electronic call forward, media […]

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