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For over a century, Tensator has been organising the movement of people from one place to another, leading to the invention of the Tensabarrier®. The Tensabarrier® is the world’s first retractable stanchion, developed to optimise space and effectively organise people.

Unlike other stanchions, the Tensabarrier® has a patented braking system that stops the webbing from retracting too quickly and causing damage. This unique braking system allows the webbing to fall to the floor upon release before safely retracting back into the Tensabarrier® post – making our stanchion the safest on the market. Recent studies show that the webbing used in competitor barrier products, which do not incorporate braking technology, accelerates at a speed equivalent to 85mph. That is faster than a Formula 1 car off the starting line!

You can see how the Tensabarrier® compares against others here.

The Tensabarrier® stands alone in terms of its quality and performance. Over the years, we have seen many others introduce cheap, look-a-like products to the market. To protect our customers, we have introduced several measures to guarantee they are actually buying a genuine Tensabarrier®.

Along with incorporating the Tensabarrier® logo directly onto both sides of the tape end of our most popular 50mm webbing products, we have also created a new website entirely dedicated to Tensabarrier® products. The new website provides key product information, imagery and distributor deals all in one place, so you can browse the products that carry the Tensator stamp of quality.

Whether you want to manage your queuing space, cordon off access to a restricted area, or promote your brand or product, there will be a Tensabarrier® that caters for your needs.

Visit the new Tensabarrier® website at: www.tensabarrier.com

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