Tensator Helps Gatwick Increase Check-in Efficiency

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Press Release

MILTON KEYNES, UK, 21 March 2013 – – Tensator, the world leading customer journey and queue management specialist, has completed an installation at Gatwick Airport, meaning all queuing solutions in the North and South Terminals are now exclusively provided by the Milton Keynes-based company.

As the airport’s preferred supplier of queue management solutions, Tensator was approached to help create a more uniformed look at the check-in areas of both terminals. Almost 2,000 brushed stainless steel, 60mm mini-socket Tensabarrier® posts were provided with plain black webbing, and Gatwick’s own-design Emergency Exit webbing.

Commenting on the installation, Colin Sherwood, business development manager for the airport sector at Tensator, said:

“These were installed as a replacement for the own-branded posts of each individual airline, and helped to solve a number of issues for the Gatwick team.

“The Tensabarrier® posts create a more neutral check-in area and allow the queuing format to be altered in response to passenger demand without confusion. The mini-socket function also means that the posts are more robust, making it more difficult to disrupt the structure of individual queues.

“The installation is ultimately designed to help make the check-in process as smooth and efficient as possible for the 34 million passengers who pass through the airport each year. It also further strengthens Tensator’s reputation as a customer journey specialist in the airport sector.”

Since the initial installation was completed, an order for further Tensabarrier® posts has been placed. Nick Henderson, terminal duty manager at Gatwick Airport, added that this is testament to the success of the project:

“We wanted to create a flexible queuing solution that was in a standardised design. The system can quickly be changed and it reduces the storage capacity and set up time required for a mobile solution. Tensator has successfully delivered this for us and the feedback from the airlines and handling agents here at Gatwick has been very positive.”

Gatwick Airport has worked alongside Tensator for 20 years and is home to a number of Tensator solutions, including the Airport Passenger Guidance System (APG), to help passengers board and disembark aircraft safely, and the Tensaguide Plus modular queuing system.

Gatwick Airport is an important part of the company’s aviation portfolio, which also includes many of the UK’s largest airports, as well as major aviation hubs around the world.

About Tensator

Tensator is the global leader in the management of the customer journey. Tensator’s products are proven to generate revenues, improve efficiencies and increase profitability. Tensator’s advanced customer journey and queue management solutions include: electronic call forward systems; virtual queuing technology; digital media platforms including the Tensator Virtual Assistant; in-queue merchandising; crowd and access control solutions;
display and signage devices; self-service systems.
Tensator empowers blue chip retailers, international airport terminals, transport providers, financial institutions, major exhibition, leisure and entertainment venues, construction sites, restaurants and hotels to speed customer flow through the queue, improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. By placing utmost importance on providing an enjoyable, efficient and profitable customer journey, Tensator’s clients benefit from operational savings, improved profits and rapid ROI, whilst gaining improved customer satisfaction ratings.

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