Tensator Virtual Assistants land at London Luton Airport

The Tensator Virtual Assistant is used by London Luton Airport to improve efficiency of departing passengers at security

Four years ago, London Luton Airport became the first in the world to make use of the passenger-facing Tensator Virtual Assistant technology from Tensator Group.

Since then, the original Tensator Virtual Assistants, which create the illusion of a real person, have been seen by 16.2 million departing passengers, all of which have been given the opportunity to hear their message about items not allowed in hand luggage. This, combined with a host of other security measures, has helped to reduce the number of bags rejected by security by 12 per cent, speeding up the security process. Due to success of the London Luton Airport Virtual Assistants, the airport has invested in two new units.

“The new Tensator Virtual Assistant units, alongside other measures, will help to further speed up the security process, ensuring that passengers’ journeys through the Airport are as quick and efficient as possible. Improving the passenger experience is an important part of the £100m redevelopment project which is due to get underway this year, and will see significant improvements to the terminal building.” Kevin Aldridge, Terminal Manager at London Luton Airport.

Where else can you find the London Luton Airport Virtual Assistants?

Since their debut at London Luton Airport in 2011, Tensator Virtual Assistants have become a familiar sight at airports across the world, including Miami International, Dubai International, Heathrow and Madrid airports, as well as across a range of sectors including retail, rail travel and the public sector.

Find out more about Tensator airport products by downloading our airport sector brochure.

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