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The Quick Change Artist: Tensator’s Retractable Banners offer Quick, Easy and Affordable Advertising in a Snap

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Tensator Retractable BannerWhether you are a bustling airport, a bank, car dealership, coffee shop, cinema, museum, or event hall, driving eye-catching attention to your latest promotions or offers is a snap.Tensator’s Retractable Banners deliver a high quality graphic advertising medium that snap right onto your existing or new Tensabarrier posts.

In less than a minute and with no tools required, you can change up your look and convert any indoor space into advertising space. Tensator’s retractable banners are lightweight, portable and offer the option of single or double-sided full color printing.

Make the most of your high footfall areas or your customers’ queuing time – and capture attention, generate some buzz and drive traffic to your latest promotion — affordably, quickly and easily.

Check out the Tensator Retractable Banner Video and contact a Tensator Customer Journey expert to learn more.

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