Trio of Tensator Virtual Assistants touch down at Glasgow Airport

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Glasgow Airport has unveiled the latest additions to its team in the form of three new Tensator Virtual Assistants.

The digital signage solutions from airport passenger flow specialist Tensator Group use the latest technology to project an image, creating the illusion of a real person in full Glasgow Airport uniform.

Two of the units are positioned in the airport’s security area and convey important safety messages to passengers, including how to carry liquids and what items are prohibited in hand luggage. The third Tensator Virtual Assistant is based at the UK border at international arrivals and assists people with the new e-border gates.

As Amanda MacLellan, terminal operations manager at Glasgow Airport explains, the new additions have already had a big impact:

“At Glasgow Airport, we put our passengers at the heart of our operations, and we are always looking at new ways to improve the customer experience. Our new Tensator Virtual Assistants are a fantastic addition to the terminal team, and they offer advice and information to travellers as they pass through the terminal.

“Initial feedback shows that first-time flyers find them particularly useful as they embark on their airport experience and head through the central search area.”

It is estimated that more than 8 million passengers will see the new virtual arrivals and hear their messages this year.

Tensator Virtual Assistants are becoming a familiar sight at many of the world’s busiest airports, including Dubai International, London Heathrow, Madrid and Miami International.

Ajay Joshi, head of media and technology solutions at Tensator Group, added:

“A more efficient airport experience has clear benefits for both passengers and staff.

“We know from previous installations that the Tensator Virtual Assistant has helped to dramatically speed up the security process. It offers a more innovative way to convey messages to both first time and frequent flyers, whilst freeing up staff resources to focus on other elements of the passenger journey.”


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