2016 Predictions from Tensator Group – Health & Safety

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Today we conclude our 2016 sector predictions report. We have already examined retail and travel trends for the next 12 months. Now it is time to delve into the health and safety sector.

An innovation in health & safety

Despite a fall in numbers over the past five years, the 2014/15 annual report from the Health and Safety Executive still makes for grim reading. 1.2 million people suffered from a work-related illness whilst, according to the Labour Force Survey, 611,000 physical injuries occurred in the workplace. When you combine both illness and injury, it means a staggering 27.3 million working days were lost, at a cost of £14.3 billion to the economy.

The fact that injury and illness numbers are declining is a good thing and shows that employers across the country have taken action to improve health and safety standards but, of course, more can still be done.

Employee welfare has increased in prominence for both staff retention and financial reasons and, as such, businesses have invested more into health and safety budgets. Couple this with the fact that industries such as construction (3.6 per cent growth predicted in 2016) are set to see dramatic growth, and it looks like many companies will have more employees to keep safe.

Businesses will need to facilitate employees to identify hazardous or restricted areas. One way of tackling this will be done by introducing more staff training. Another way will be through the introduction of tools, such as the Tensabarrier® Wall Mounts, which provide retractable barriers without taking up any floor space. Spanning up to 9m, the retractable barriers can be quickly and easily installed and allow employers to efficiently restrict access and reduce the risk of an accident.

In health and safety, you are never likely to see the dramatic changes witnessed in the retail and travel sectors, as the end goal here is always the same – to reduce the number of incidents, however as ways of working evolve, health and safety measures have to as well. This is why we are predicting this area is set to be our biggest sector for growth in 2016.

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