Tensator is now ISO 9001 certified

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Leading the customer journey since 1881 through innovative queue management solutions, Tensator has been awarded with ISO accreditation 9001 in quality management systems (QMS), Tensator’s third accreditation to date.

For any organisation to be successful it must ensure it operates efficiently and delivers quality products or services to its customers.

At Tensator we are committed to quality by ensuring we produce the best queue management solutions on the market.

We provide our range of queue management solutions to various sectors in over 150 countries in the world. To separate ourselves from competitors and produce the best products, it is essential that we adhere to consistent quality standards in all our processes, and this is certified under ISO 9001.

But what is the ISO 9001 certification and why does it matter?

ISO 9001 is a certification of a set of standards that ensures a business will have a quality management system put in place throughout its entire organisation once fully certified. It is recognised globally and suitable for all organisations regardless of their size and sector. This demonstrates the organisation’s commitment to delivering on quality.

Typically, an evaluation process will be carried out with the development of a quality management system, then a review and audit before a full assessment. The organisation will undergo continual assessment and improvement. The purpose of this is to make sure a quality management system remains in place as the business and its products change over time. The organisation will also be audited annually to ensure it remains compliant to the ISO 9001 certification.

The 7 ISO Principles

There are seven principles to the standard:

– Customer Focus
– Leadership
– Engagement of People
– Process Approach
– Improvement
– Evidence Based Decision Making
– Relationship Management

Fundamentally the certification ensures the organisation’s customers receive consistent, high-quality products and services, and the quality management system is constantly reviewed and improved accordingly.

Why is ISO 9001 important to queue management?

According to the British Standard Institute, an organisation that is ISO 9001 certified is 66% more likely to provide better products and services, and are 60% less likely to make mistakes which would in-turn make its products less prone to failure.

At Tensator, we know our queue management customers count on us to produce products that are designed to safeguard and protect human life. Being ISO 9001 certified shows our commitment to maintaining and constantly delivering a high-quality product that would be expected from the global market leader in queue management.

In need of Health & Safety solutions? Take a look at our Health & Safety brochure below…

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