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Tensator® Queuing Solutions for different Goals

Queuing Solutions for different goals

Choosing the right queue management system is an important strategic decision for any company that wants to organise the flow of its customers and ensure the customers’ experiences are smooth, helping to avoid guest discomfort or stress.

In order to decide which queue management solution is best for you, Tensator recommends setting your expectations and goals for this system.  These goals could include:

  • Pre-informed waiting time announcements
  • Correctly ordered and signposted queues
  • Customer comfort in the queue
  • Increased revenues via the queue
  • Efficient space utilization
  • Scope for customizing the queue system
  • Technology-oriented solutions
  • Options suitable for outdoor queuing

Tensator offers a plethora of products suitable for individual company needs, see examples below.

Electronic Queuing System from Tensator® lets customers know about perceived waiting times, speeds queue flow and improves operational efficiencies.

Tensabarrier® from Tensator® offers a broad range of stanchion choices to transform any straggly queue into an ordered queue.  Unlike other retractable stanchions, the Tensabarrier® uses an originally patented braking system incorporating twin braking shoes which make it the safest belt barrier available in the market.

A customer experience matters much to maintaining a good business reputation.  Tensator’s self-service systems like the Multi-Service Machines (MSM), Click & Collect are designed to ensure that the customer has autonomy to quickly complete their transaction.

Tensator® In-Queue Merchandising solution generate maximum revenues for customers.  It improves the customer retention rates as customers are engaged in the queue and wait times are perceived as shorter.

Wall Mounted solution from Tensabarrier® utilize the same quality mechanism as floor standing Tensabarrier® posts and are perfect for locations where a restricted area is needed but you don’t want to take up floor space.

Banner Solutions from Tensabarrier® are customizable according to the need of the clients as well as the posts from Tensabarrier® are available in a range of over 40 different finishes with a custom webbing options.

Tensabarrier® 885 Plastic Outdoor stanchion and Tensator® Writing Surface products can make outdoor queuing simple and easy.  The Virtual Assistant from Tensator® can be used to deliver information in an interactive way, keeping clients engrossed while waiting in indoor / outdoor lines.

Tensator® and Tensabarrier®

If you are looking for a temporary barrier, please speak to one of our specialists about the best solution for your needs. You can contact us here or alternatively you can download more information here.

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