What is Access Control Management and How do I use it?

access control management

What is access control management?

Access control management is an important component of effectively managing the flow of people and restricting access where there is a need. Gone are the days when locking a door or putting up a temporary barrier are sufficient forms of access control. Now, businesses require better crowd control options to deliver an improved customer service relationship and keep people safe at all times.

How to use access control management

Access control management is found in all walks of life. Think of a retail store, there may be times where management sees a surge in traffic due to a promotion, they need to manage typical peak periods or they have to section off customers from employee-only areas – all of these examples would require the employment of an access control solution. At the head of the queue, solutions such as a fixed rail system can help to organise queuing customers by creating a permanently fixed access control barrier. As well as being a means of organisation, this form of access control also has a secondary benefit of improving customer service. Managing the queue in such a way removes the possibility of queue jumping and uncertainty, ultimately improving the customer’s waiting experience.

From a health and safety perspective, access control solutions can be used to stop employees from entering unsafe areas. An example of this could be a busy warehouse with dangerous machinery – access gates can be used to close off areas periodically. In this scenario, fixed rail systems can be utilised to create a safe walkway for workers.

Access control solutions are also commonly found in airports and are used to direct travellers through terminals. Found in airport security, passport control and walkways, fixed rail systems effectively manage airport passenger flow.

In the leisure and tourism industry, a popular use of access control solutions is at the front of the queue at theme parks. Access gates can be placed here and even alarmed to ensure that eager theme park goers wait their turn properly.

Our access control solutions

At Tensator, our access control portfolio is ideally suited for use in a range of industries, including retail, airports, leisure centres and commercial instances.

Access gates

Our Access gates have two options for operation: manual and automatic. Both gate types come with the functionality to trigger an alarm if the gate is tampered with when not open, adding an extra layer of security. With our Automatic access gates, as well as optimally managing the flow of people, it’s possible to customise how frequently the gates are opened electronically. Highlight and boost your brand with a customisable gate arm sleeve, which doubles as a protective measure.

Fixed rail

A versatile modular railing system, the Tensator Fixed rail system can be configured to fit any environment and can be used in conjunction with our Access gate solutions to deliver a customer guidance system. The rail system is made from steel components and as standard comes in a polished chrome, however, this can be customised to match branding requirements.

More information on access control management

Our experience in this field means that we appreciate that no two businesses access control requirements will be the same – hence why we like to work on a consultative basis to assess your individual needs. For further information on our access control portfolio, please either contact us or request a copy of our brochure. You can do so by clicking below.

Download Access Control Brochure

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