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Introducing Tensator’s eQ™ SLQ1000

manual call forward queuing

Are you a small convenience shop, fast food outlet or local post office? Are you looking for a way to effectively speed queue flow and reduce customer waiting times?

If you are after an out of the box electronic queuing solution then Tensator’s eQ™ SLQ1000 is the product for you.
Based on existing Tensator electronic queue management technology, the SLQ1000 is the perfect plug & play solution for small operations, helping to improve service times and operational efficiencies. It’s a cost-effective, easy to install call forward system that can service up to 9 positions.

Accessible Train Station Design

Taking a journey by rail is not as straightforward for some passengers as it is for others. For people with a disability and reduced mobility, those who are visually impaired or elderly, or have pushchairs or bulky luggage in tow, a railway station can prove incredibly difficult to navigate. Accessible train station design should be […]

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Kuveyt Turk invests in Tensator’s fine gold concept

An investor in the future Türkish bank Kuveyt Türk is a specialist in interest-free banking systems. It offers services for both individuals and businesses, together with strong and stable investment advice and management. The bank turns the savings of its profit-sharing clients into reliable and profitable sector-specific investments. This creates new areas of employment, making […]

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