How Tensator can help improve workplace accessibility

Figures from the charity Scope show that there are currently 3.4 million disabled workers in the UK. Companies have a legal obligation to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ for employees who have a disability to improve workplace accessibility. Creating disability inclusion in the workplace should be a top priority for employers and the UK economy as a […]

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cost of workplace injuries

The true cost of workplace injuries to the economy

In the UK, it’s estimated that annually the cost of workplace injuries to the economy is nearly £15bn per year (2015/16). Research has also suggested that workplace injuries and illnesses in U.S. amount to a staggering $250 billion annually (2013). The cost of workplace injuries and illnesses can be broken down into two subsections: ‘Human […]

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health and safety in 2017

Health and Safety in 2017

Think you know the true extent of health and safety in 2017 in the UK? Do you ever wonder about how much workplace injuries truly cost the economy? Tensator, experts in providing workplace safety solutions for organisations, have put together an infographic to highlight some interesting statistics surrounding the subject of health and safety in […]

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uk health and safety laws

How Tensator work with clients to adhere to UK Health and Safety laws

At Tensator, we understand how important it is that your employees are safe and you are compliant with health and safety at work regulations. Our products are designed with these regulations in mind and provide solutions to overcome safety concerns. We appreciate that no two company’s health and safety requirements are the same; consequently, we […]

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prevent workplace injuries

5 best practices to prevent workplace injuries

If your job is to prevent workplace injuries, it’s likely you’re aware of the true cost of accidents and work-related illness to your business. On a national scale, the results are alarming. Key statistics found by HSE for workplace injuries for Great Britain (2016/17) are as follows: 3 million working people suffered from a work-related […]

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