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Tensator aims for health & safety dealership expansion

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Press Release

Tensator, leading manufacturer of safety barriers, has announced intentions to grow its UK distribution network by 35 per cent.

The plans have been unveiled following an upsurge in sales of Tensator’s products in the health and safety sector.

Over the course of the past year, Tensator has successfully grown its portfolio of UK distributors, adding 12 new key distributor accounts. New additions over the previous 12 months include Antistat, Big Dug, SafetyBuyer, and Sitebox.

As Tensator general manager Kevin Hickson explains, health and safety products are in high demand:

“Investment in workplace health and safety is an absolute necessity rather than a luxury. Whereas many employers once saw rules and regulations as unnecessary red tape, there has been a distinct shift in attitudes. Employers know that they need to be doing all they can to create a safe and productive working environment.

“However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t still searching for cost-effective, practical solutions and we’re constantly looking at ways of developing our product offering for this sector to meet demand. That includes the ways in which people can purchase our products, which is why we’ve worked hard to develop relationships with a large number of dealers and are aiming to bring some other significant names on board over the coming months.”

The latest product to launch as part of Tensator’s health and safety portfolio is the Tensabarrier Banner. Consisting of two robust Tensabarrier® posts, an aluminium beam and a mesh or PVC banner, it offers a cost-effective solution to convey health and safety messages in large indoor areas.

The banner system can also be retrofitted to any Tensabarriers already in use, with double-sided banner and full colour print options also available.

“When it comes to health and safety products, our customers want ease of use and high impact,” concluded Kevin. “The Tensabarrier Banner is designed to meet that need, providing a robust and effective way to make sure important messages are seen and to quickly restrict access to areas when needed.”

Other products in the health and safety range include an industrial strength magnetic barrier, designed specifically for forklift truck operation in the warehouse and logistics sector, as well as a wide selection of freestanding and wall-mounted safety barriers. Tensator also has a choice of barriers and posts created for use in Electrostatic Protected Areas (EPA).

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