How to utilise a Virtual Assistant over Christmas time in Retail

virtual assistant over christmas

How many weeks until Christmas?!’

 With just over 4 weeks to go, high street retailers and shoppers alike will be gearing up for their busiest period in the shopping calendar – Christmas! With online shopping becoming increasingly more popular, many shoppers are swapping the hustle and bustle of in-store to the comforts of their own home, putting exceeding pressure on the high-street. High-street retailers are in a difficult position; they understand that customers now have a choice (online vs in-store) and have hence become less tolerable for dissatisfactory shopping experiences – but how do they compete? Hiring a Virtual Assistant over Christmas could be the answer!

What is a Virtual Assistant

Wouldn’t it be good if you could employ a member of staff that never needed a break, could speak a multitude of languages whilst providing a 1st class service to customers, all day every day? Well, that’s what the Tensator Virtual Assistant can do!

Proven to be up to 10x more effective at influencing behavioural change than a video wall at communicating a promotional message, the Tensator Virtual Assistant is certainly an option for improving customers’ Christmas experience. Watch our video below to find out more about this queue management system…

Ideas to utilise a Virtual Assistant over Christmas time in Retail

The possibilities of what you can do with a Virtual Assistant are quite literally endless… here are some of our favourite ideas.

#Tip 1 – Promote your Christmas offers

With so much going on in retail stores over the festive period, it can be easy for shoppers to inadvertently miss offers you have on. The Tensator Virtual Assistant is guaranteed to grab the attention of customers and is an innovative way to share promotional information on any bargains you may have.

#Tip 2 – Talk to your queue

Although shoppers may expect queuing to occur over the Christmas/boxing day sales period, you can up their in-store experience by providing useful information via a Virtual Assistant in the queue. Not only can you distract customers who’re queuing, but you could also provide relevant information to them, such as Christmas opening times.

#Tip 3 – Digitalise the shopping queue

For shops expecting an influx of customers from across the globe, a digital assistant can provide invaluable support. The busyness of stores can be a challenge for the most seasoned of shopper, let alone someone who’s not familiar with the native language. Our Virtual Assistant can help improve health and safety in retail stores over Christmas by sharing information in as many languages as you require.

The best part of this?

It can all be done at a touch of a button. Unlike many Virtual Assistants, ours can also accommodate a touchscreen and can expand the functionality for further uses, such as a virtual helpdesk. 

#Tip 4 – Fully customise your messaging and have some fun with the Tensator Virtual Assistant

 Creating a memorable shopping experience and positively differentiating from competitors should be a priority for high-street retailers at Christmas. The Virtual Assistant allows you to do just that and can be customised into whomever you want. Have a bit of fun – what about a Santa Claus Virtual Assistant?! Now that’s memorable!

Further information on using a Virtual Assistant over Christmas time in Retail

If you’d like further information on how you can incorporate a virtual assistant into your queue management plan at Christmas, why not take a look at our brochure? To download, please click below.

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