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COVID-19 has wreaked havoc with your customers’ confidence.

A PWC UK survey conducted in November 2020 showed that consumer confidence had fallen to -10 on their index – a huge fall of 13 points, compared to December 2019’s +3 index score.

In this post, we’re going to run through 7 top COVID-19 queue solutions/social distancing products that will keep your customers safe and go some way to restoring their confidence.

These products are just our top picks, but we have a range of COVID-19 solutions to help with social distancing and safer queuing. Download the brochure below.

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We know that keeping your business resilient is one of your key challenges. 

Keeping your services running as close as possible to ‘business-as-usual’ during such an extraordinary time is a considerable test of your resilience and resourcefulness.

And keeping your customers safe has always been your biggest priority, but the margins for error have become smaller than ever.

You need a helping hand.

The products we’ll show you below are going to make your battle easier.

1. Social Distancing Webbing

covid 19 queue solutions

Our new social distancing webbing communicates the latest government guidelines. We have chosen the UK guidelines, but this can be customised for any official messaging in your country.

They can be added to any Tensabarrier® retractable product.

The importance of clear social distance messaging can’t be overstated and webbing such as this can be added to any queue solution in any business – from supermarkets to banks to airports.

As well as being available to all new Tensabarrier® retractable barrier orders, the webbing cassette can also be quickly and easily changed out of any existing barrier with a few simple instructions. This also means that when life returns to more normality and you want to put your current webbing back into your barrier, you can easily swap your cassettes back over!

2. Indoor Separation Panelling

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Indoor separation panelling is a physical separation barrier between walkways or within a queue. They’re useful for maximising queuing space – you don’t need to leave space in adjacent queues. They can be retro-fitted to your existing Tensabarrier® posts, meaning you can just add to your existing queueing system. Or they can be used as free-standing screens with two Tensabarrier® posts either side.

These panels are ideal in:

  • Ticket offices
  • Entrances
  • Boarding gates
  • Kiosks
  • Other locations where space is tight and social distancing between queues is tough to manage.

3. Social Distancing Seat Strap

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Our social distancing seat straps cordon off unused areas with crystal-clear messaging to enforce social distancing.

They’re created with our custom webbing service, and the band length can be manufactured to suit your seating requirements.

The straps can be used in a huge range of environments, such as:

  • Public seating areas
  • Sports stadiums
  • Theatres
  • Cinemas

4. Customisable Hand Sanitiser Bracket

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The customisable mounted hand sanitiser bracket is one of our most versatile products and is perfect for any environment where queue management is required.

As well as adding additional hand sanitiser dispensers to queues, you can also be flexible about where you place your hand sanitiser dispensers by using a free-standing post with the hand sanitiser unit on top.

Take a look at how you can easily configure the hand sanitiser bracket below:


The mounting bracket enables you to position your hand sanitiser unit on the top of any Tensabarrier® or 2.5” diameter post.

Regular hand sanitisation is one of the government’s core messages for staying safe. By placing hand sanitiser within your queues, you can retain good throughput by allowing people to sanitise on the go and avoid crowding at designated hand sanitiser stations.

The hand sanitiser unit can be easily attached to the bracket, which includes an eye-catching changeable graphic panel that can be customised.

5. InQ-Totem®

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The InQ-Totem® is a highly configurable signage device, developed as a seamless addition to your queue environment.

Featuring a strong yet lightweight aluminium structure which is secured to the floor via a floor plate and bolt fixings, the aluminium composite panels are customisable – allowing for information or branding to be printed directly onto each panel.

Click on red dots on the image below to find out more about the customisable options.


They’re ideal for airports and rails stations, or any environment where important information needs to be relayed to customers as they join the queue.

6. NightView™ Reflective Webbing

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NightView™ webbing is the world’s first interwoven reflective webbing.

It secures low-light areas in a highly visible way, creating safer environments.

NightView™ features two strips of highly visible light reflective strands which are directly woven into our industry-finest webbing.

It can be added to any Tensabarrier® webbing and is suitable for all outdoor situations where visual safety is required.

During COVID, lots of stores have had to restrict the number of people allowed inside. To do this, outside queuing systems have been implemented. NightView™ enables you to create outside queues that remain highly visible in all lighting conditions.

7. Our consultative solutions team

The 6 products above will have given you some food for thought, but maybe you’re not sure on a Covid-safe strategy for your workplace, or you’re procrastinating about which products will offer your business the most bang for buck.

We know the weight of the decisions you have to make.

That’s why we’re a consultative services provider – our first job is to listen to you.

We’re a lot more than just ‘order-takers’ – the best ‘product’ we have to offer you is our expertise, forged from 10039 years of being at the furnace.

We know you’re snowed under with risk assessments and Safe Systems of Work documentation.

We know you need to think about more than just facemasks and hand sanitiser to keep your customers flowing safely through your premises.

We understand what you’re feeling right now – you just want to return to a state where life is simpler and less risky:

  • Where you don’t have to worry about disorganised queue-flows leading to Covid outbreaks traced back to your premises.
  • Where you don’t have to worry about the HSE or Public Health England reviewing your health and safety practices.
  • Where you don’t have to worry about your business’ projected cash flow forecasts taking a hit due to an avoidable safety crisis.

Thinking about all of this in addition to your regular workload can leave you feeling overwhelmed, but we’re here for you to shoulder some of that burden.

We’re experts in queue management safety.

We don’t just offer queue management products – we design queue management solutions.

To find out more about our range of COVID-19 solutions, download our brochure below. It provides you with an overview of each product and how they can help you.

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