Theme Park Queue Management – Preparing Tourist Attractions For Re-opening After Lockdown

As far as Covid-19 is concerned, there’s no such thing as ‘short-term measures’ for your business anymore.

Many tourist attractions, like theme parks, famous landmarks and exhibits need to prepare for reopening in the spring season when national lockdown restrictions ease. And this preparation needs to accommodate a longer-term view.

Restrictions on the way your attractions operate are likely to last for many months to come – possibly years.

Here at Tensator, our consultative approach and market-leading products can ensure that your tourist attraction is ready for anything.

In this post, we’ll show you the products that can have a major impact on creating a safer environment and increasing visitor throughput – all of which will improve your ROI.

Prepare your THEME PARK OR tourist attraction for smarter, more efficient throughput

The public has adjusted to life under lockdown, and their expectations of what safe and efficient queue flow management should look like have heightened.

Visitors fully expect tourist attractions to have adapted to the times, and installed measures that will still allow them to have a great experience, with minimal waiting times and maximum safety.

Your queue-flow management is going to be critical to your business’ success.

Tourists still have numerous options, with caravan parks and outdoor spaces reporting a surge in new bookings.

If your queue-flow management is poor, your visitors will vote with their feet.

With that in mind here are some top theme park queue management products to help you with efficient throughput…

Think about our famous Tensabarrier® product. As the industry-leading retractable barrier, our Tensabarrier’s® will be a shrewd investment for many years to come. Ideal for theme park queue management as well as managing large queues in cinemas, theatres and other service areas, they’re an essential product in your arsenal.

Cheaper, lower quality products will only cause you more headaches, because you’ll be frustrated by their poor build quality. Low-cost barriers are generally made with low-quality metal and have thin posts, the webbing quality and safety features also make the product less robust and you will be spending more money (and wasting time) replacing them.

Beyond retractable barriers – and for high-end in particular – our Lawrence post and rope range offer a touch of class that will demarcate VIP areas and maintain social distancing.

It’s the 140th anniversary of the Lawrence brand, this year – bearing in mind what we just said about imported products with limited shelf life, little else needs to be said!

Our totems and telescopic posts are also products that will be of huge help in effectively managing your queues.

The In-Q totem is an intelligent way of managing your queue, providing information to customers and assisting them with finding their way.  It’s easy for customers to get confused about where a queue starts and ends, and in what direction it flows.

And our Tensabarrier Telescopic Posts are multi-height signage products that create a more visible signage solution for your customers.

Stay Covid-secure and keep your customers reassured

We offer a range of products that are specifically designed to safeguard your business against the persistent threat of Covid-19.

Covid-19 transmission risk will be at the forefront of all your customers’ minds, and making sure you have strategically-positioned measures in place will go some way towards inspiring customer confidence.

We now offer automatic hand sanitiser dispensers that can be fitted onto any Tensabarrier® post or any other 2.5” post – enabling you to have hand sanitiser dispensers that are freestanding and incorporated within a queue. These products are so much more eye catching than a bottle of hand sanitiser gel positioned on a table.

We also now offer post-top face mask-holders, making it easier for you to visibly encourage customer and staff safety by providing access to facemasks on your queue barrier posts.

Your customers are expecting these touches. By having these safety measures in place, you’re meeting their expectations head-on. 

In doing so, you’re also increasing the perceived value of your offering, as this UK study proved that expectation-matching is the biggest factor in customer value perception.

Make sure you stay on-brand

‘Efficient’ is no excuse for boring.

Smart marketing involves using any relevant inch of real estate to increase your brand awareness, and stay top-of-mind with your consumers, which is why we offer custom retractable barrier webbing and seat straps.

The webbing is manufactured from military-grade fabric and can be customised to a design of your choice using high-quality, digital dye printing. 

Take a closer look at how to use custom printed webbing effectively.

The seat straps were designed to mark out seating areas unavailable to the public to maintain social distancing. The custom straps can even be incorporated into your brand aesthetic.

The ideal time to prep your premises is now

There’s a proverb that says:

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.’

You may not have all the equipment you need to provide a smooth, safe and memorable experience for your customers when your doors re-open to the public in the coming months.

No one could have predicted the challenges the leisure and tourism industry has had to face this past year.

But you do have a very good idea of what lies ahead – and there’s no one better than us to provide you with the tools and guidance to succeed.

Don’t delay – contact us today to make decisive progress on your venue’s successful grand re-opening.

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