How to use custom printed safety barriers and branded queue management systems

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One of the questions we’re often asked about safety solutions and queue management products is “can we customise them?” The answer is yes, you can!

Well-designed, high-quality equipment is worth the investment, but the right products can do more for you than you think. Customising the look of barriers or banners not only gives you the tools and equipment you need to better manage crowds, but it can also create the right atmosphere in your venue and raise revenue. (We’ve all bought something on impulse!)

Wall-mounted Tensabarriers are a great example of this ‘double-duty’ concept. They let you block off an area, but also retract when not in use. The ability to customise printed Tensabarrier webbing is an added plus. 

Read on to find out how you could use custom printed safety barriers and queue management systems to your advantage.

Personalise your space

Whether you’re managing an event, a tourist attraction, a hospital or a transport hub, you’ll want to create an appealing location that customers want to visit. Perhaps you know your space needs some TLC? You can make it more inviting and efficient at the same time.

Customising your queue barriers means they’ll look right at home, wherever you deploy them across your event or premises. Print your brand colours and logo on certain Tensator solutions to reinforce your messaging or choose the colour of the barrier, for example. 

Cafe banners can be used to display graphics, messages or products. You could custom printed safety barriers to build up the atmosphere with giant images of a team, favourite players or the stars of your show.

Help with wayfinding

An eye-catching focal point can help visitors find their way and improve the customer experience you offer. Take the stress out of visiting an unfamiliar place or getting orientated when the venue is busy or crowded. 

Our InQ-Totem™ and InQ-Portal™ are two highly visible solutions that help customers locate specific points (the start of the queue, paypoints etc). They make it easier to direct visitors, but they can also display your chosen images or text information. Another way to signal what to do is to use colour. You could use colour-coded Tensabarrier webbing to identify the red or green channels in an airport, for instance, or add emphasis to an emergency or VIP route.


Deliver information 

Use your custom printed safety barriers and queue management tools to keep visitors informed. You could print text instructions or direction arrows on barrier webbing. Use larger banners to give more detail or display bigger graphics. 

A digital screen, such as InQ TV, will grab customers’ attention. You can customise the messages you display based on your needs and speed up queues by minimising delays. It’s ideal for uses like letting people know which documents they need to have to hand before they get to a service desk.

Our Virtual Assistant is an innovative way to communicate. It’s customisable with your branding, chosen messages and also into different languages. It makes sure your message gets through: our tests found that it was ten times more effective at communicating a promotional message than a video wall. 

The Virtual Assistant also helps you to free up staff for other tasks. Say you have one Spanish speaker on your team, employed in a specialised role; you won’t need to divert them from their usual work if you can play pre-recorded Spanish information to guests.

Find out more about the Virtual Assistant in this video:

Keep visitors entertained

InQ TV can help you display useful information, but it can also keep things interesting. Providing a distraction takes guests’ minds off waiting and shortens their perception of queuing time. They’ll leave the waiting line happier, with a more positive notion of their queueing and customer experience. This could feed into positive reviews of your company and more repeat business. Customising display messages to entertain visitors is a win-win!

Improve customer and employee safety

There are many ways that queue barriers can help you keep people safe. Creating a clear layout free of obstructions can help you prevent accidents. It’s also vital to block off trip hazards like spills. Equally, closing off problems like out-of-service lifts (with a physical and visual barrier) improves the customer experience. 

Customising certain products can help you protect the public. Choosing coloured barriers can make them more eye-catching, but you could also look for high-visibility products or NightView™ chevron webbing to mark restricted/dangerous work areas or for outdoor use. 

Get more tips on workplace safety in this blog post. 

Boost revenue

Tensator in-queue merchandising has been shown to help boost impulse sales by 400%

InQ TV is great for displaying promotional messages, helping to boost impulse purchases. Meanwhile, banners are an excellent way to publicise your next event, new product, your cafe or a concession. Cafe banners  lets you add messaging and visuals, to be seen while guests are queuing or passing the barrier. The InQ-Portal and InQ-Totem can also be used in this way, for another ‘double duty’ solution. 

Read this blog to find out more you can do with InQ wayfinding products

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