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Witness the changing customer journey at GITEX 2015

Tensator Group will give visitors at GITEX 2015 a glimpse of the latest in customer journey technologies and queue management systems. Tensator Group is aiming to help visitors create a more engaging and interactive experience for customers to improve efficiency and increase revenue. A range of products will be on display at the Tensator Group […]

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Prep for Black Friday: Back to School Lessons from the Millennial Shopper

As summer slowly fades, the exhilaration of fall and the new school year is an especially important time for millennials. So much so that 80% of millennials referred to the new school year as “a chance for a fresh start,” according to a new study by Teen Vogue and the International Council of Shopping Centers. […]

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The Rugby World Cup kicks off next week in England

Clearing the sporting event hurdles

It is now less than a year until the Rio Olympics, 10 months until Euro 2016 kicks off and just a matter of weeks until the Rugby World Cup gets underway. One thing is certain – it is going to be an adrenaline fuelled 12 months for sports fans. We know that ticket prices continue […]

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technophobe technofan

Tech fans vs technophobes: the difference between winning and losing in business today

Meeting consumer expectations today, no matter what the industry is, means adopting new technologies – and stubborn businesses will be left behind It is clear that across different industries, the appreciation, uptake and installation of new technologies vary dramatically. Some have welcomed new technology with open arms, pioneering new equipment and processes at the earliest […]

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Students aren’t grapes — we travel in lines, not bunches

Bottlenecks in schools are common, unsafe, and can reflect negatively on those in charge. To avoid this, teachers have had to create countless creative ways to manage their energetic queue. “We are students, not grapes! We travel in lines, not bunches!” From relating to fruit, to organizing alphabetically, to creating competitions, moving excited and energetic […]

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Tensator virtual assistant, digital signage, installation Glasgow Airport,

Trio of Tensator Virtual Assistants touch down at Glasgow Airport

Glasgow Airport has unveiled the latest additions to its team in the form of three new Tensator Virtual Assistants. The digital signage solutions from airport passenger flow specialist Tensator Group use the latest technology to project an image, creating the illusion of a real person in full Glasgow Airport uniform. Two of the units are […]

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Image for blog Chain Store Age logo

Multichannel Engagement: From Teens to Seniors and Everything in Between

Tensator Group’s Head of Business Development David Cohen discusses the challenges retailers face in marketing to multiple generations in his exclusive article in Chain Store Age on Multichannel Engagement: From Teens to Seniors and Everything in Between. From mobile tech-savvy teens to the octogenarian shopper, retailers are perhaps for the first time ever addressing the widest and most […]

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The Tensator Virtual Assistant is used by London Luton Airport to improve efficiency of departing passengers at security

Tensator Virtual Assistants land at London Luton Airport

Four years ago, London Luton Airport became the first in the world to make use of the passenger-facing Tensator Virtual Assistant technology from Tensator Group. Since then, the original Tensator Virtual Assistants, which create the illusion of a real person, have been seen by 16.2 million departing passengers, all of which have been given the […]

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The dark side of technology

The Dark Side of Technology

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Our fascination with technology can sometimes (admittedly) get the better of us.  We get sucked in with its shininess, or cool factor – mesmerized by its novelty. Enamoured as we can become with new gadgets, devices, apps etc…ultimately the novelty wears off and frustration sets in with the first instance of a time-wasting glitch or […]

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Tensator In-queue merchandising installed in Babyshop Dubai to increase impulse purchases

Four steps to a smoother customer journey

We spoke to IPSOS Retail about the importance of the customer journey and how it can help retailers achieve success. To read more click here.

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Tensator Virtual Assistant at the NHS Confederation Annual Conference 2015

Tensator Virtual Assistant is a conference hit

Delegates broke away from their busy schedules at the NHS Confederation Conference to learn more about the Tensator Virtual Assistant. Senior health and care leaders, decision-makers and stakeholders who recently visited the event in Liverpool were welcomed by the Tensator Virtual Assistant. Positioned at the entrance of the event, the Tensator Virtual Assistant offered a […]

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Tensator Virtual Assistant used for Coca Cola campaign

How technology can humanise a brand

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Head of technology and media solutions, Ajay Joshi, speaks to Information Age about the importance for organisations to humanise their brands to create a more personalised customer journey. “The ways in which we engage with content and receive information is changing all the time and with new methods of technology continuing to develop, this trend looks […]

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Declaration of independence and american flag

Declare Your Independence from Long Lines

Whether your customers are frantically shopping for their  4th of July BBQ, trying to get out of the store with their red, white and blue t-shirt, or waiting to see the fireworks – chances are they are waiting on a line. It’s also likely that they are getting frustrated and some are leaving your event or […]

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Image for blog, pop-up retailers

Retail Customer Experience: Ensuring a ‘pop-up’ effort pops for consumers and doesn’t flame out in failure

Retail Customer Experience nets out the pros and cons of retail pop ups in Judy  Mottl’s article, “Ensuring a ‘pop-up’ effort pops for consumers and doesn’t flame out in failure.”  Pro’s include attributes such as the lack of restrictions as to what’s allowed or not allowed, and constrictions on how creative it can be, it’s […]

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manual call forward queuing

Math, Queue Theory, the Benefits of Serpentine Lines and Heading Left

Queue management and mapping out the best possible way for our client’s customer journey is what we do here at Tensator, so naturally we were excited to read Raphael Rosen’s article on “What is the fastest check-out line?” To set the stage, Raphael first captures the frustrations and the typical scenarios of today’s most common shopping […]

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The Tensator Virtual Assistant installed in Liverpool Women's hospital to improve patient experience and infection control

Tensator Group provides a Virtual Welcome at NHS Conference

Press release MILTON KEYNES, UK, 28 May 2015 – Visitors to this year’s NHS Confederation Conference & Exhibition in Liverpool are set to get an extra special welcome with the help of a Tensator® Virtual Assistant. The groundbreaking digital signage solution from queue management and patient journey specialist Tensator Group, uses the latest technology to create […]

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Tensabright, Tensabarrier, wall units

Tensator Group Lights The Way In Health & Safety Innovation

Press release Tensator Group is aiming to cut the number of workplace injuries with the launch of the world’s first hi-vis retractable belt. Officially unveiled today by the crowd and people control specialist, TensabrightTM joins the group’s Tensabarrier® product range and will be available across a host of sectors, including transport, mining, manufacturing, construction, civil […]

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shoppers on high street

Counting the benefits of customer trends

For anyone in the retail sector, understanding your customer and their needs and habits is vital for success. At Tensator Group, we do not believe in offering solutions just for the sake of it; they need to work for both the retailer and the customer. Ipsos Retail Performance is one of the world’s leading retail […]

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Blog polling station image

Polling the voting experience

As voters go to the polls today, they will have put careful consideration into which candidate they will choose, but few would expect to be denied the chance to cast their ballot slips. Back in 2010, turnout was much higher than expected and thousands were turned away from polling stations across the country. Despite queuing for […]

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manual call forward queuing

Q&A: Why the UAE is banking on a tech revolution

There is no denying that technology is big business in the Middle East. According to the latest stats, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) leads the world in smartphone penetration at 73.8 per cent, the electronics market in the region is set to hit $4.3 billion this year and the UAE’s cloud-based solutions industry will grow […]

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